Monthly Giveaway!

Starting May 1, I will be doing a monthly giveaway tote. Full of all things that I am currently loving and can’t seem to live without. While most the items will probably be hair products I will be sneaking in everyday items as well.

I am hoping with having this giveaway I can get more interaction with my current followers and continue to offer you tiny details and tips in-between your service time here at Rustic. The giveaways will be easy like and shares on social media and at the end of the month I will do a random drawing of all the people who liked and shared Rustic!

Clients are the most important part of this career path I have been on for 14 years, so hope to inform and encourage your hair styling and not annoy anyone with the giveaway. The tote will be roughly a $50 value sometimes more, but never less! I want you to have a reason to share my work so I am hoping to make this all worth your while!

All my love and style, Tab

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