Price Change

How is it almost August already!? This summer has been so fun with my kiddos and husband, we have done a ton of things and have plans for much more. I’m not ready for school to be just around the corner. Even our littlest gets to go to pre pre school this year.

This fall brings football and hunting and more color and extension classes for me. I have been taking a major break form extended education this last two years, I think I really burnt my self out there for a while. But I am ready for some new stuff.

I have been in this business for a while now and every once in a blue moon we have to do the dreaded price increase….It’s never fun for anyone. You may think it’s fun for me but it’s not because I lose clients over it. But as the costs of my products go up and the cost of utilities and my extended education I have to raise my costs too. Everyone deserves a raise every once in a while right? Hopefully you will all underhand and support my raise, I hope I have earned it. You will find all the new prices on the website when you go to book the appointment. All price changes take affect September 1 2019. Thank you so much for your continued support.

All my love and style, Tab.

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